Cultural Development


Studies show the greater the degree cultural alignment, the better the financial performance. A portfolio of the top 20 publicly listed best companies to work for in the U.S.A. in 2008 returned an average annualized return of 16.74% over the past 10 years compared to 2.83% for the S&P 500.

Leadership Development


Most leaders believe their employees leave their organizations because they have been pulled away by “more pay” or a “better opportunity.” Yet, more than 80% of employees say it was push factors related to poor management practices or toxic cultural conditions that drove them out.



Organizational success and sustainability depends on the intelligence, commitment, energy, and creativity of all of its members. The collective intelligence and creativity of a team is far greater than individual contributions. Are your employees united to a common vision, mission, and goals?

The Cultural Design Group

"Redefining Values for a Sustainable and Satisfying Future"

"Developing your culture through our cultural development process and by developing your employees to be self-leaders will surpass the outcome of any other ROI inititiatives you are considering."


The Cultural Design Group specializes in the design, delivery, and implementation of leadership and team development, and cultural transformation programs. We have worked in Europe and North America with not-for-profits and companies doing group facilitation, culture analysis, values alignment and integration, coaching, and training.

Our system of resources will enable cultural conditions that nurture cohesion and creativity. Our focus is on assessing cultural alignment, implementing alignment initiatives, and facilitating the various stages of vision, mission, values, leadership, and team development to help organizations build cultural capital.



Change Management


Nearly 70% of all change efforts are derailed or fail. These unmet expectations lead to destructive outcomes.

The world is experiencing unprecedented challenges and change across all markets and industries.  Is your corporate culture stable and capable of supporting the change initiatives you are planning to implement?

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