The Cultural Design Group


The Cultural Design Group is a system of resources dedicated to the enablement of cultural conditions that nurture cohesion and creativity. Our focus is on assessing cultural alignment, implementing alignment initiatives, and facilitating the various stages of vision, mission, values, leadership, and team development.

Cultural Design Group was established to address the organizational, societal, and global issues at home and abroad and to assist leaders in meeting the objectives and helping leaders, both current and future, respond to the complex sustainability challenges faced in their organizations and the world at large.

Since 2011, our relationship with the Barrett Values Centre has enabled us to work with organization's to shape the values and strengthen cultures to meet objectives and desired outcomes.   We value cooperation over competition and advocate for creating shared values, beliefs, and behaviors to achieve the outcomes you want for your organization.  Our experience has shown that leaderships failure to develop a shared vision grounded in shared values is the main cause for meaningless and unsustainable change and long-term success.