ChangeWorks! Change Management System

Experts estimate the cost of losing an employee is over two times the employee’s salary.  Studies show that employee turnover costs U.S. companies approximately $25,000,000,000 per year.  Hiring and losing employees is a significant cost to your company. 

A recent study revealed that job satisfaction is at a 22 year low.  The Conference Board's survey polled 5,000 households, and found that only 45% were satisfied in their jobs. That's down from 61.1% in 1987.  Almost one-quarter of respondents said they didn't expect to be at their current jobs within one year.

Furthermore, it’s an amazingly challenging time for businesses — and it’s likely to stay this way for a long while to come. Today, more than ever, you are faced with a daunting task — fighting an uphill battle to compete and survive.  Are your employees as productive as you need them to be?    That’s a very important question that every leader needs to answer on a continuous basis.  How do you create an environment that enables maximum energy and creativity? It starts with cultural alignment through the development of shared values and goals.  After you have reduced the level of entropy in your culture, you can begin to more effectively manage mission-critical activities.  You will have high employee engagement because they are aligned with your vision, mission, and goals.

If you would like to develop one of the rare teams that consistently meets and exceeds goals and expectations, ChangeWorks! is designed for you.  ChangeWorks! will clarify your objectives, assess each team member’s readiness to succeed, then identify and eliminate the obstacles that prevent them from delivering the level of performance you want most.  It will assist you in effectively managing change while building a culture built on shared values and trust.

American citizens as well as citizens around the world are expressing their dissatisfaction with company and political leaders by joining forces to protest their frustration and desired change.  They are expressing their values misalignment with leaders represented in corporate and societal cultures.  Identifying the level of cultural entropy and where the misalignment exists is imperative to long-term sustainable change.  Change is a given.  You can either allow change to manage your business or you can proactively manage change.  You can begin now with aligning your culture and creating a vision guided organization created with shared values, shared goals, and shared trust.  The Cultural Transformation Tools along with the ChangeWorks! Change Management System will enable us to work with you to create the culture and the specific and accountable activities required for mission assurance.

The ChangeWorks! ChangeGrid



What the ChangeGrid Reveals:

  • How likely you or your team members will actually behave in accordance with the stated activities to achieve your desired goals.
  • The level of attention each activity is naturally commanding and what needs to be done to ensure that follow-through occurs on the mission-critical activities you've identified.
  • How one sees their business requirements changing.
  • The likelihood of your business and employees succeeding based on your defined mission-critical activities.