Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals


"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

                                               - Albert Einstein


To have internal cohesion, each individual contributor in your organization and on your teams must share in the vision and mission of the organization.  Underlying the vision and mission are shared values that support the attainment of your mission.  Understanding the current values that are represented in your organization can be achieved using the Cultural Transformation Tools from the Barrett Values Centre.  This tool enables us to show you the predominant values that exist in your culture and whether they are positive or potentially limiting values.  The CTT reveals the alignment and misalignment of personal values with the existing cultural values and reveals the desirable values for mission assurance and organizational sustainability.

Vision and Mission Statements

We facilitate the development or perhaps the redevelopment or refinement of the vision and mission statements using "The Four Whys" outlined in Liberating the Corporate Soul by Richard Barrett.  "The Four Whys" process differs from others in that it is based in the 7 Levels of  Corporate Consciousness.  It differentiates between the organizations internal motivations and external motivations.  It also addresses the needs of employees, customers, and society.  It builds a motivational link between employees' personal motivations and the organization's motivation.